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2021-01-07 16:25

What's wrong with insufficient pressure of Roots blower?

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If the pressure of Roots blower is not enough, the following can be achieved:
1. First of all, determine whether the motor wiring is correct. If Dao is reversed, the outlet will become the air inlet. Generally, the outlet will be installed with a check valve. At this time, the negative pressure will rise and the current will overload;
2. The pressure of Roots blower is reflected by the air outlet resistance at the rear end. If the air outlet is open, the pressure gauge will not be able to display the pressure at this time, because there is no pressure in the pipeline and the compressed air is completely drained. You can slowly reduce the outlet valve to observe whether the pressure of the pressure gauge rises. The maximum pressure should not exceed the marked pressure of the equipment, so as to avoid motor overload ;
3. If the direction of the blower equipment is normal, the output pressure can not meet the use requirements, and the motor has been overloaded, then it can be determined that the motor selection is small and the power is insufficient, and it needs to be added to the motor power to increase the higher pressure. Under normal circumstances, as long as the quality of the fan is OK, it will not break down. The quality is mainly related to brands, such as PepsiCo and Jingong. In short, choose a good fan, master the basic knowledge of maintenance, timely maintenance, there will be no problem of insufficient pressure.
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