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Pump product monitoring system

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Type : Electrical Control Equipment

Time : 2021-01-10 11:59

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Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

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DCS system (distributed control system) integrates computer, instrument and electronic control technology together. Combined with the corresponding software, it can realize the functions of automatic data acquisition, processing, process picture display, parameter overrun alarm, equipment fault alarm and report printing. It also forms the historical trend record of the main process parameters, views them at any time, and sets the safe operation level, which can be used as a reference It not only facilitates the management, but also makes the system more safe and reliable.

The man-machine interface is rich in content, vivid and intuitive, and easy to operate and understand;
According to the specific situation of different periods, the operation parameters of the software can be adjusted to adapt to the complex situation and improve the adaptability of the system;
It can realize the remote control of the equipment, collect the field current, pressure, flow, temperature and other information from time to time, put the data into the database for saving, and generate reports and print, which is convenient for data query;
By processing the collected information, the operation status of the equipment can be analyzed, and the generated fault alarm can be given, so as to deal with the fault in time;
With communication interface function, PLC can communicate with host computer, transmit data and exchange information;
It has overload, undervoltage, overpressure, overtemperature, shaft temperature and other protection functions. In case of the above conditions or motor failure, the system will stop automatically;
The software divides the operation authority, and different personnel on duty have different operation authority;
In the central control room, the specific situation of the equipment site can be seen directly;
It can publish data to the Internet.