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MVR evaporation concentration and crystallization system

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Type : Evaporation system, MVR concentration and crystallization

Time : 2021-01-07 22:57

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Description : We are a professional fan factory our company's MVR evaporation concentration and crystallization system with reliable performance perfect service low price and other advantages. Tel. + 1 (912) 274-1888, Email: [email protected]

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

Since its establishment, the company has always believed that leading technology is the key to the company's development, superior quality is the core of the company's survival, timely and perfect after-sales service is the hinge of the company's progress. The company has introduced mature and perfect MVR technology from The Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and long-term technical support from professors and experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which ensures our company's leading position in MVR system technology level in the industry.
Company has multiple independent research and development production and manufacturing systems, including the MVR system core equipment - roots steam compressor and centrifugal compressor has been at the scene of the numerous users safe and stable operation for many years, compared with the other company's products on the market at present is characterized by a high machining accuracy, long service life, simple structure easy maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection and other advantages. In the majority of users to establish a good reputation and credibility.
Over the years, the company has been committed to the promotion and application of MVR technology, and widely explored the Chinese market. At present, the MVR technology has been skillfully applied in medicine, chemical fiber, metal smelting, salt chemical industry and other industries. Maintain long-term good cooperative relations with domestic famous enterprises such as Zhangjiagang United Copper Industry Co., LTD of Tongling nonferrous Metals Group and Sinochem Dism Pharmaceutical (Zibo) Co., LTD.
Since its establishment, the company has been constantly improving itself, actively learning and absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad; Strive to innovate, combine project engineering to improve process design continuously. The company will always be first-class technical strength, strict quality assurance measures, timely perfect after-sales service to provide customers with quality systems, products and services.

MVR system flow chart

The working principle of
Forced circulation evaporation concentration and crystallization: after preheating by non-condensing gas preheater and condensed water preheater, the material liquid enters the heating tube from the bottom of the evaporator and is heated by the shell side steam. Under the action of circulation pump, it flows upward along the heating tube and enters into the separator for evaporation to realize vapor-liquid separation. The concentrated liquid is discharged from the lower part of the separator, and the unconcentrated liquid enters the evaporator for further circulation, and the concentrated liquid is discharged from the system; The secondary steam enters the steam compressor from the top of the separator to compress, improve the temperature and enthalpy, and then enters the evaporator shell side as a heat source to heat the material liquid. The condensed water and non-condensable gas generated are discharged from the system after heat exchange between the preheater and the material liquid.
Comparison of energy consumption between MVR system and traditional evaporator

Analysis of advantages of MVR system
1. Small floor space and few supporting facilities for public works.
The MVR system eliminates the peripheral supporting equipment such as boiler, pipe network and cooling tower, and has a compact structure, occupying only 50% of the area of the traditional evaporator.
2. Reduce the chance of pipe plugging.
The traditional evaporation system is mostly multi-effect evaporation, with a large front and rear temperature span and a long time for the liquid to stay in the system pipeline, which is easy to cause pipe blocking. MVR system has compact structure, short material flow, low heating temperature and small heat exchange temperature difference, so the chance of pipe plugging is greatly reduced.
3. Suitable for evaporating crystallization of heat-sensitive materials.
MVR evaporation technology can realize low-temperature evaporation at about 40℃, and reduce the damage degree to some heat-sensitive materials which are easily denatured at high temperature to the minimum, thus ensuring the quality of crystals.
4. Easy to operate.
Compared with the traditional multi-effect evaporation system, the MVR system requires less equipment and fewer control points, so it can realize unattended automatic control.
5, cleaning
MVR system cleaning is convenient, can be added in the design and construction of cleaning system, the system is thoroughly washed and cleaned when stopping.
Application field of MVR system
Our company's advantages in MVR system engineering
1. It has the system core equipment independently developed, designed and manufactured
The core equipment "steam compressor".
The core equipment of MVR system, the single-stage high speed centrifugal steam compressor and roots steam compressor, are developed by our company on the basis of introducing the world's advanced technology, combined with the use characteristics of MVR system and years of production and manufacturing experience. According to our company's years of thermodynamic calculation experience and aerodynamic research results, the product design adopts special impeller profile, high temperature resistant structure design, special and reliable sealing structure, corresponding to different working conditions of the anticorrosion means, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the steam compressor in the MVR system.
Based on the material properties, evaporation capacity and experimental data, we select the appropriate type of steam compressor for you to apply to the MVR system on the basis of ensuring the optimal solution.
B series single stage high speed centrifugal steam compressor
Main features:
1. Advanced impeller type line, high efficiency, single machine maximum saturation temperature rise up to 20℃;
2. Wide flow adjustment range, applicable to a variety of working conditions;
3. Compressor is compact in structure and small in volume;
4. Low vibration, high reliability and low overall noise;
5. The compressor has advanced and reasonable structure, few wearing parts, convenient installation, operation and maintenance.
V series Roots steam compressor
Main features:
1. The coverage of air volume and pressure ratio is large, and the products are widely used
2. The compressor adopts frequency conversion control mode.
3. The impeller uses a new line, good sealing, high efficiency and energy saving, the highest saturation temperature rise of the single machine can reach 25℃;
4. The structure separates the gas chamber from the oil chamber to ensure that the lubricating oil and the water vapor do not mix during operation.
5. The shaft seal adopts the special double-end mechanical seal form;
6. Years of design experience, as well as strict calculation and high-precision production processing, to ensure the clearance of the two impeller in the case at high temperature, as well as the overall operation of the compressor reliability and stability.
(2) Water ring vacuum pump
In MVR system engineering, our company mainly uses LRA and LRC series water ring pumps. LRA(C) series water ring pump is developed by our company in combination with the advanced technology of imported products. The product is not only highly efficient and energy-saving, but also very suitable for long-term and continuous operation. This series pump is a single stage structure, with simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving advantages.
(3) Electrical equipment and automatic control system
The company tailor-made automatic control system for each SET of MVR system, with high degree of automation, smooth start-up operation, interlock response speed, high efficiency and energy saving, easy maintenance and other characteristics; It is mainly composed of PLC programmable controller, upper computer, frequency converter, various sensors and instruments and various actuators. It can detect the running situation of the system online in real time. It has the functions of automatic interlock control, overload protection, short circuit protection, over-limit alarm, stop and so on.
2. Cooperate with qualified professional construction and installation teams
Our company has long-term cooperation with professional construction teams with qualification of frame, electromechanical equipment and electrical installation engineering. It lays the foundation for high standard and high efficiency construction of the project framework, and also ensures the robustness of the project framework, the safety of electrical equipment operation and staff operation, and the stability of system operation.
3. Nationwide sales and service network and efficient after-sales service
All MVR project customers are trained and guided by professionals. There are more than 50 sales centers and service outlets in China, and more than 10 agents abroad, which can provide timely pre-sales, sales and after-sales service for users, so that you can use shandong Zhanggu products without any worries, and ensure the smooth operation of the system and the interests of customers.
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