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YZ series alumina pump

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Type : YZ series alumina pump

Time : 2021-01-07 23:37

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Description : We are a professional fan factory our company's YZ series alumina pump with reliable performance perfect service low price and other advantages. Tel. + 1 (912) 274-1888, Email: [email protected]

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

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YZS (D) series alumina slurry pump
Product Description:
Slurry pump is the main equipment for conveying slurry in alumina process. The normal operation of slurry pump is the reliable guarantee for steady increase of alumina production. At present, the domestic production of slurry pump are all general products, in the application of alumina process, the adaptability of the product will be limited to different degrees. For example: pump flow parts of the service life, pump shaft seal sealing effect and the general standardization of accessories, etc. Our company comprehensively systematically analyzes the slurry pump used in the process of alumina at home and abroad, the effect of taking the strategy of foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, according to different characteristics of each technological process of alumina slurry, and domestic well-known colleges and universities joint design manufacture the YZS series slurry pump, YZD type alumina process, every five national invention patent, fill in the blank of professional technological process of alumina slurry pump in China.
Main Features:
1. YZS and YZD alumina process series of slurry pump flow profile lines such as impeller, volute and guard plate are all based on the solid liquid two-phase water conservancy model developed by domestic famous universities according to the characteristics of alumina slurry. This design efficiency is high, cavitation resistance, no local wear phenomenon, abrasion resistance is higher than the current alumina industry used slurry pump.
2. High interchangeability of overcurrent parts of the pump; Although the flow line of YZS and YZD alumina process series slurry pump is different from the slurry pump used in the alumina industry at present, it can be interchanged and fully meet the needs of users for the slurry pump of YZS and YZD alumina process series and spare parts.
3. YZS and YZD aluminum oxide process series slurry pump shaft seal is the combination structure of "dynamic seal and mechanical seal", the combination structure design is the first patent technology in China, can maintain the pump shaft seal slurry leakage effect for a long time, the sealing life is several times to dozens of times of the mechanical seal, packing seal.
4. YZS and YZD alumina process series slag slurry pump is normally made of KmTBCra28 high-chromium alloy wear-resistant material with rockwell hardness up to 62.

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