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Water (liquid) ring vacuum pump closed circulation system

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Type : Closed circulation system of liquid circulation vacuum pump

Time : 2021-01-07 23:24

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Description : We are a professional fan factory our company's Water (liquid) ring vacuum pump closed circulation system with reliable performance perfect service low price and other advantages. Tel. + 1 (912) 274-1888, Email: [email protected]

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

Product introduction
The complete set of closed type units are non-standard products, which have various forms of combination, and the most suitable configuration is selected according to the process strip. The complete set of units is generally composed of main engine (vacuum pump), gas-liquid separator, heat exchanger, public chassis, pipeline, valve, instrument, instrument, control system and so on.
Gas-liquid separator: gas-liquid separation. Generally equipped with: air inlet, exhaust outlet, drainage outlet, water supply outlet, liquid level gauge interface, pressure gauge interface.
Heat exchanger: Heat transfer of working fluid. Two, plate type or tube type. Cooling medium should use cooling water, working fluid should run pipe.
Pipelines, valves and instruments: including gas, working fluid, mechanical seal flushing fluid, rehydration, drainage, drainage and other pipeline systems.
The main features
Complete set of equipment supply, more conducive to the user's installation, can greatly shorten the user's installation cycle. The working fluid is recycled to save resources and reduce environmental pollution.
Technical indicators
Ultimate vacuum: 160hPa (-85kPa) or 33hPa (-98kPa)
Flow rate: 0.33 ~ 646m /min
Shaft power: 1.1 ~ 808kW
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