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Zru high performance integrated cell

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Type : Stand-alone

Time : 2021-01-08 23:14

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Description : We are a professional fan factory our company's Zru high performance integrated cell with reliable performance perfect service low price and other advantages. Tel. + 1 (912) 274-1888, Email: [email protected]

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

Product Introduction:
ZRU high performance integration unit uses advanced TIO Technology (Totally Integrated Optimization Technology) to scientifically configure the rotary feed unit. The feeding unit adopts high-speed and high-performance ZRW type rotary feeder, air extraction chamber and acceleration chamber with excellent design. It has the following characteristics:
1. Compact structure, small volume, good sealing performance, low rotary air leakage.
2. Linearity of feeding capacity: The volume efficiency varies little with the rotation speed, and it can adapt to a wide range of rotation speed.
3. Pressure adaptability: The volume efficiency changes little with the operating pressure, and ADAPTS to the working range from low pressure to medium pressure.
4. High rotation speed, up to 60rpm, breaks through the worldwide problem of decreasing feeding capacity under high rotation speed, and increases the feeding capacity.
5. Adopting the proprietary anti-jamming technology, it can run smoothly and reduce the crushing rate of granular materials even in the high-speed state.
Performance range:
Operating pressure (differential pressure) : 1.5kGF (powder), 2.0kGF (grain).
Volume: 4.3 L ~ 80 L/r/r
Size: 6 ~ DN450
Main Uses:
It is suitable for transporting powder and granule in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, food industry and medicine industry.
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