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Dense phase high pressure pneumatic conveying system

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Time : 2021-01-08 23:21

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Description : We are a professional fan factory our company's Dense phase high pressure pneumatic conveying system with reliable performance perfect service low price and other advantages. Tel. + 1 (912) 274-1888, Email: [email protected]

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

Working principle:
Material from the hopper is fed into the sending tank (silo pump) controlled by the feed valve. The air compressor produces high pressure gas and transports the material to the designated material warehouse at a certain speed. After the separation of material and gas, the gas is discharged into the atmosphere after dust removal or connected to the dust removal wind network.
System features:
This system is a kind of dense phase high pressure pneumatic conveying system with air compressor as air source and warehouse pump for conveying materials. The system has the characteristics of low flow rate, small gas consumption, low noise and less breakage.
Performance range:
Conveying pressure: 100~600KPa
Throughput: 0.1~100t/h
Transport distance: < 1000m
Conveying pipe diameter: 40~200mm
Main Uses:
Suitable for long distance and large capacity transportation. For the material with good air permeability, it is easy to realize fluidized transport. Suitable for conveying cement, fly ash, mineral powder, foundry sand, chemical raw materials and other materials with greater grinding properties.