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Desulfurization pneumatic conveying system

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Type : Whole process

Time : 2021-01-08 23:22

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Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

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Process flow:
The limestone particles from the crusher are lifted to the raw material warehouse by the hoist, and the limestone particles are added into the limestone ball mill quantitatively by the feeder below. The feeding quantity can be adjusted by frequency conversion through the frequency converter, and the feeding quantity can also be further adjusted by the spiral weighing feeder. Part of the fine dust of the material crushed by the ball mill goes directly into the dust collector for collection, and part of it goes into the powder separator for screening after being lifted by the hoist. The lime stone powder with fineness and the lime stone powder collected by the dust collector are sent to the finished product storehouse of lime stone powder by pneumatic conveying. After the tail gas is filtered by the storehouse top dust collector, clean air is directly discharged into the atmosphere. After filtering by the separator, the coarser particles are sent to the grinding head by the belt conveyor. As for the lime stone powder in the finished product warehouse, part of it can be directly sent to the nearby limestone furnace front warehouse by pneumatic conveying, and then sent to the boiler by pneumatic conveying for flue gas desulfurization, while the other part can be shipped out for comprehensive utilization by bulk tanker.