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ZG series Roots blower

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Type : ZG roots blower

Time : 2021-01-08 23:41

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Description : We are a professional fan factory our company's ZG series Roots blower with reliable performance perfect service low price and other advantages. Tel. + 1 (912) 274-1888, Email: [email protected]

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

ZG series Roots blower is a replacement product designed and developed by our company with our own proprietary technology on the basis of introducing American blower. Is the world's leading technology products, with the best cost performance.
Product Features:
1. ZG series Roots blower adopts special structural design housing to ensure reliable operation under high pressure and reduce operating noise;
2, the fan impeller and shaft adopt an integrated structure, good rigidity, ensure the fan at high speed under high pressure, large flow, smooth operation;
3. The fan fuel tank is made of aluminum alloy with air-cooled structure and 98kPa single-stage pressure without cooling water;
4, intensive unit design, compact structure, belt tightening adopts self-tightening structure, easy to use and maintain;
5. The main engine of the fan can be used for both vertical and horizontal purposes, which is convenient to replace foreign models;
6. Adopt precise helical synchronous gear with hard tooth surface, keyless connection, reliable positioning, stable operation, low noise, high strength and long service life.
Technical indicators:
Blower flow: 0.6 ~ 113m3/min
Vacuum pump flow: 1.29 ~ 112.8m3/min
Vacuum: -9.8 ~ -49kPa
Pressure boost: 9.8 ~ 98kPa
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